The top 3 life-changing cleaning habits

You get somehow depressed in the same moment you hear about cleaning, well, yeah, it is definitely not your thing – you don’t like it because it is tiring and annoying and time-consuming and mostly because you don’t achieve the results you dream of. You spend your whole Saturday washing the windows, climbing on chairs and loosing balance several times and the result is the easy Sunday morning when you with a cup of coffee sit on the couch and notice that you have done absolutely nothing and the windows’ glass is still dirty as hell. And let’s better not mention the completely unsuccessful end of tenancy cleaning you performed once, when you were too brave and claimed that you are a cleaning master. In fact, however, it is all about the know-how or experience, you will either learn how to maintain your home properly, or will make some mistakes that will give you a lesson. And because no one deserves to suffer the bad cleaning disappointment, here are the habits you should acquire.  Continue reading The top 3 life-changing cleaning habits

Easy peasy travelling on budget

You like the whole idea of travelling, but you are too rarely doing it, because you believe that you simply cannot afford it. Well, this attitude is either naïve, or stupid. Yes, travelling will cost you a particular amount of money, but it is so worth it. Instead of spending your salary for buying clothes and shoes, eating in restaurants every evening, having a take away coffee every morning before work, you can go on a long weekend trip to Paris and you will feel free and your heart will be full of joy and happiness and you will make some photos and more important some memories which will make home in your soul and will make you feel better every time you have some kind of reason to be sad and to think that the world is too miserable and absurd. Continue reading Easy peasy travelling on budget

Blonette, bronde or red? The hair color’s trends this year

The hair color has always been more crucial than it is expected to be. While the women choose the one that suits their skin color perfectly, or the shape of their faces, and are either keen on the idea of experimenting a lot or stay with the same one for the entire life, the men have some preferences and types as well and you will often unsurprisingly hear them state that they like a blonde or a brunette girl the most. The hair color has its meaning – you broke with you boyfriend and you simply want a change, or you graduated from university and want a symbol of the next step of your life, then you most probably would follow one of the trends and you will change your hair color. And this year there are some new adorable things, we noticed in the fashion shows and would like to share with you.   Continue reading Blonette, bronde or red? The hair color’s trends this year