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Everyone knows how unpleasant the effects of mold are. The warm and cozy home becomes a home you do not want to visit. In addition, the appearance of mold is a prerequisite for many diseases, a threat to our children. It is for this reason that every housewife strives to learn a secret that will help to solve the problem that has arisen.

How to deal with mold without chlorine?

Many of the ladies are focusing on the prevention of stains, molds, dirt, etc., without the use of chlorine-containing chemicals. One by hand is the unpleasant odor leading behind. Click To Tweet The use of such cleaning means creates a risk of scalding, whether on furniture, bedding or the like.

Remove the mold with vinegar

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Bottles with Vinegar

One of the ancient methods of destroying those dark stains that appear on the walls in the homes is vinegar. It is completely safe for us to serve as a weapon against this natural disaster. Vinegar is neutral and non-toxic. You could apply it to any kind of surfaces. The spray is easy to apply to porous substrates. For this purpose, use is made of distilled white vinegar, which in no case should be mixed with water.

How do we remove mold permanently from home?

It would be best to equip yourself with a rag that should be pre-soaked with white vinegar. After cleaning the affected areas, it's good to wait a few minutes, then repeat. The usability of a brush is advisable, as the hairbrush is able to tear down that creepy mold that has become a thorn in the eyes of people around the world.

Vinegar does not allow the mold surface to reappear to create a prerequisite for a major renovation of the dwelling. One of its small and insignificant minuses is that it is not as powerful a weapon as Bleach, for example. On the other hand, it does not cause an unpleasant odor, which takes days in your home.

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You get somehow depressed in the same moment you hear about cleaning, well, yeah, it is definitely not your thing – you don’t like it because it is tiring and annoying and time-consuming and mostly because you don’t achieve the results you dream of. You spend your whole Saturday washing the windows, climbing on chairs and losing balance several times and the result is the easy Sunday morning when you with a cup of coffee sit on the couch and notice that you have done absolutely 7689044102_bfffe0cfeenothing and the windows’ glass is still dirty as hell. And let’s better not mention the completely unsuccessful you performed once when you were too brave and claimed that you are a cleaning master.

In fact, however, it is all about the know-how or experience, you will either learn how to maintain your home properly or will make some mistakes that will give you a lesson. And because no one deserves to suffer the bad cleaning disappointment, here are the habits you should acquire. We all write differently and learn differently, love differently because we are all too different. So it is more than logical that the cleaning technique, which works for ones, can be absolutely unsuitable for others, which means also that you should create your own cleaning routine. However, after an unsuccessful end of tenancy cleaning, I decided to act like an adult and hired one of the best London’s cleaning companies and the advice the experts from the cleaning team gave me was priceless because they definitely have far more experience than I will ever gain. So consult with the professionals and find the right tools, equipment, which will allow you to clean skillfully and efficiently. Don’t become too attached to belongings It may sound completely off the point, but it is indeed so closely connected. You are a keeper and you have that ticket from the concert you went to with your ex-boyfriend and you enjoyed so much, you save all the birthday cards you were given through the years on a shelf in your bedroom, you believe that these all are memories and this is to some extent true, but being too attached to belongings is not good for you, because without realizing it, you will start paying attention to things only and the memories should be somewhere in your heart, they are sensations and emotions, not a ticket, for sure.

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Put everything back

Well, this here is maybe the most important habit ever. And the one that almost all of you don’t have, as well. The truth is that if you come back home and you put your shoes in the closet, if after you have eaten that bagel for lunch, you put the dishes in the dishwasher and after you have cooked a dinner for your family, you ddeep clean the oven, you will be able to clean everything so much faster. And this rule is the cleaning interpretation of the general one: “Keep life simple!”