Easy peasy travelling on budget

You like the whole idea of travelling, but you are too rarely doing it, because you believe that you simply cannot afford it. Well, this attitude is either naïve, or stupid. Yes, travelling will cost you a particular amount of money,balloons-1012541_960_720 but it is so worth it. Instead of spending your salary for buying clothes and shoes, eating in restaurants every evening, having a take away coffee every morning before work, you can go on a long weekend trip to Paris and you will feel free and your heart will be full of joy and happiness and you will make some photos and more important some memories which will make home in your soul and will make you feel better every time you have some kind of reason to be sad and to think that the world is too miserable and absurd. Travelling is fun, it is valuable and enthralling. And the good news is that in spite of your delusion it may be done on budget. You should only know how. The timing This is probably the most crucial part. There are certain months or periods of time, which millions of people prefer and choose – like the whole summer and especially August and the weeks before and after Christmas. And there is one thing certain, the prices of all plane tickets and train ones and so on will be much higher then. And if you in the middle of July decide to travel only a month later, you will end up spending far too much money. Being wise enough, however, you will plan your trip in advance and you will buy the tickets later and you will be able to go in the city of your dreams in the low season, when the tourists are vastly less (and the prices remarkably lower). The accommodation When you are traveling on budget, you have to be completely aware of your priorities, which means, that staying in an expensive and luxurious hotel is maybe not the best idea. Choose the right accommodation! In most of the cities visited by a lot of tourists there are many apartments and studious that can be rented for a couple of days – usually they have nice locations, they are well-appointed, they are bigger than the hotel rooms for sure and most often have a kitchen, which means that you won’t have to spend so much for food as well. And you don’t have to prepare some complicated meals, you can simply eat like the natives and in Paris this means a bottle of wine, some cheese and a loaf of bread – completely enough. The research Before you start your trip, take your time and do a proper research – the prices of the transport, the museums, the attractions and so on, check if there are some discounts and buy some tickets online so that you can avoid the queues and save time. The research is always useful, so in Paris, for instance, every last Sunday of the month you can visit all museums free of charge. And this is amazing.